About Us


Cash4Motorcycles was opened in 2005 in Sunbury Ohio to serve Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana motorcycle owners looking for a fast, easy way to sell their unwanted bikes. Matt Rogers recognized the difficulty in selling to dealerships that tend to look for specific makes and models, and then only buy seasonally. It was a frustration for bike owners that Matt wanted to alleviate.

Even worse is the headache and cost of trying to see a bike “by owner.” Research to set a fair price, advertising in local papers and magazines, constantly having to pull a bike out of storage and shine it up to show an interested buyer, only to find they weren’t interested after all, not to mention giving the owner’s home address to strangers, are all things that Matt considered as he developed a company that would take all the stress out of selling a motorcycle.

As the company grew and Matt’s network of dealers and wholesalers nationwide grew, he expanded his business to encompass the purchase of other power sport vehicles as well. ATVs, snowmobiles, dirt bikes, watercraft, and trikes found themselves among Cash4Motorcycles’ stock, with eager buyers just waiting for them.

In 2012 the company moved to Milan, MI once again expanding its operation.

Throughout, the company has always been adamant that the selling process for buyers be easy. And it’s of the utmost importance that the company conducts itself in a trustworthy, professional way that builds relationships with buyers and sellers long term.

Every aspect of the company’s growth has been centered on these principles.

Today, Cash4Motorcycles is a proud member of the Milan Area Chamber of Commerce.