Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat Powersports Vehicles

The Arctic Cat brand is a popular brand known for producing quality all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and snowmobiles. They have been around since 1962 and have produced a plethora of well-known makes and models. For decades, powersport performance has been the primary goal for this company which is displayed in the smooth ride and easy off-road management of their vehicles. Arctic Cat powersports are durable, popular, and made to handle the conditions of the outdoors. That is the reason why Cash 4 Motorcycles is always interested in purchasing them!

Arctic Cat Powersports Vehicles

All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Arctic Cat ATVs have many benefits in comparison to their competitors. As mentioned before, performance is of utmost priority for this brand. Their ATVs are made to be reliable, high-quality, and protected against the elements. Power steering is included to provide better handling, easy maneuverability, and dependable off-road handling. Furthermore, the vehicles of this brand are affordable. Both ATVs and snowmobiles made by Arctic Cat are more cost-effective in comparison with other brands. That means you’re getting a quality power sports vehicle for a portion of the price!

Here are just a few of their most notable ATV models:

  • Alterrra 450
  • Alterra 600
  • Alterra 300

They also have an inventory of Side-by-side that are effective for off-roading adventure or utility use. The two standouts are Wildcat XX and Prowler Pro.


Snowmobiles are made to be useful for winter travel and fun for extreme sports. Fortunately, no one understands that better than Arctic Cat. They make their snowmobiles perfect for all applications with high quality, good performance, and reliability. Like any power sports brand, vehicles have their deficits but they are few and far between with Arctic Cats.

Here are some of their most popular snowmobile models:

  • M Hardcore Alpha One
  • M Mountain Cat Alpha One
  • M 600 Alpha One

In summary, Arctic Cat has a wide variety of vehicle options and many benefits to each model. Whether you’re saving to buy a new vehicle or just looking for a way to make some extra cash, get a free quote on your vehicle today!