Best Oil for Your Motorcycle

Best Oil for Your Motorcycle

Every bike owner wants the best oil for their motorcycle. Maintaining your motorcycle helps your vehicle live a long life and run smoothly. Your prized possession deserves nothing but the best. But what is the best oil to use on your motorcycle and where do you get it? First of all, let’s talk about why you need to use motorcycle oil, share a few types of oils, and finally what is the best option for your bike!

Always Use Motorcycle Oil

You should never put car oil into your bike! While both oils are made to provide lubrication to your transmission, the oil’s compositions are completely different. Motorcycle engines and car engines have different needs. As a result, car oil has additives to its formula. These additives can destroy a motorcycle. Obviously, that is why you need specialized oil for your bike! However, not all motorcycle oils are made equal. There are different types of oils that work better for different engines and various conditions. So, what engine oil options do you have?

Different Engine Oils

The composition of these engine oils varies. Most of these oils are fully synthetic, semi-synthetic, or mineral. Synthetic oils can be more expensive but they tend to last longer. Furthermore, synthetic oils are the best option for those wanting to hit high-speed and long driving distances. It also has fewer impurities. Meanwhile, mineral oils are a viable option, especially if you are strapped for cash. Unfortunately, mineral oils have to be changed more often. Some motorcycle oil options include:

  • Amsoil
  • Castrol Go!
  • Royal Purple
  • Kawasaki 4-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil
  • Lucas Oil
  • Motul

However, what is the best engine oil for your bike? While the “best” is subjective, there is one motorcycle oil that Cash 4 Motorcycle always recommends!

Best Motorcycle Oil: Amsoil

Whenever your motorcycle needs an oil change, be sure to use Amsoil. It is a high-quality synthetic oil designed specifically for motorcycles. This brand of oil is superior to other conventional oil products. Amsoil’s synthetic oil is formulated to improve the lifespan of your bike. In addition to containing fewer contaminants than other oil products, it is also more thermally stable. So you can put stress on your motorcycles without worrying about breakdowns! Your motorcycle will experience less friction, have better fuel efficiency, and handle extreme temperatures by using Amsoil. So, purchase your supply of this amazing engine oil today!

Where can you buy Amsoil? Cash 4 Motorcycles is an authorized Amsoil dealer!

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