The Importance of Pictures and Why We Request Them

When it comes to receiving an accurate quote, the importance of pictures can not be stated enough. As much as we would love to send out representatives to all our potential sellers that is just not possible. Because of that, we need to rely on an online quote form.  By filling out the quote form as accurately as you can with detailed pictures, we can give you an accurate quote.

Importance of Pictures

When it comes to buying a vehicle, no one would buy it without seeing it. In addition, you would want to know the details of it especially if it is a used vehicle. The same goes for Cash 4 Motorcycles, while we would love to just buy anything sight unseen that is not reality. We rely on detailed pictures and information to make our great offers.

Taking Good Pictures

We request pictures from different angles of the vehicle, the right and left side, rear, front, rear tire, and odometer. The reason we request the odometer is so we know the actual miles on the vehicle. The rear tire is to show how much tread is left on the tires. Of course, when you take your pictures you do not need a professional photographer.  iPhone or Android phone will work unless you have a flip phone from 2001, most phone cameras these days are pretty good.

Stand a foot or so back and take a nice picture of each angle. Also, make sure the sun is not directly in the camera and consider how dark the area is as well. We suggest taking pictures during the day or at night in a well-lit garage area.

Great Pictures Great Offer

One last factor to consider while taking pictures of your bike, take your time. Letting the camera on the phone focus makes for better clearer pictures. Finally, start your quote process today and get a great offer for your used Powersport vehicle!

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