Best Selling Motorcycle Brands in Michigan

Best Selling Motorcycle Brands in Michigan

The Motor City is home to many vehicle manufacturers. Granted, Detroit is more about automobiles, but they love their motorcycles too! And, that love permeates throughout the great State of Michigan. You can ride from the suburbs of Detroit to the UP via I-75 or hit the Dunes on Lake Michigan for some offroad fun. Then, there is the sunrise coast ride along Lake Huron. Michigan is a state where you can spend all summer and deep into the fall riding your motorcycle, and many do!  So, that begs the question: What are the best-selling motorcycle brands in Michigan? Well, there are varying accounts but from our experience, we will mention three of them.

Harley Davidson

Let’s face it. If you go to any state in the United States, Harley Davidson is going to be one of the best-selling motorcycle brands. Since 1901, this brand has become iconic. Harley Davidson produces touring, sport, and cruising bikes that appeal to everyone. Furthermore, most people can instantly recognize a Harley Davidson when they see it. Although the model types may be limited compared to some brands, it is no secret that Harley Davidson is the best-selling motorcycle brand.


Kawasaki’s motorcycle division manufactures its bikes at a handful of locations. There are a couple in the U.S. In Michigan, Kawasaki Manufacturing has engineering offices in Grand Rapids. Since the 1960s, Kawasaki has been influencing aspects of the American motorcycle industry with its innovations. So, it’s not a surprise that the brand is popular in Michigan. After all, Kawasaki has a variety of models to offer; from dirt bikes to street bikes. However, it isn’t just Kawasaki. Many Japanese manufacturers like Yamaha have found a secure foothold in the heart of many Michigan residents; especially if they have ATVs or snowmobiles. This leads us to another top best seller in Michigan!


Honda is the second best-selling motorcycle brand in the United States, following Harley Davidson. While Honda does not have a plant in Michigan, it does have a stronghold in the northern state due to its cars. Honda produces cruisers, sports, and off-road/dirt bikes. In addition, this brand also sells a variety of ATVs, UTVs, and Side-by-Side vehicles. People living on the western side of Michigan or off the coast of Lake Michigan, use off-road bikes and all-terrain vehicles to enjoy the unique dunes in the area.

Top Selling Brands We Buy

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