Getting Your Bike Out of Storage

motorcycle in storage

The weather is finally warming up! With motorcycle season right around the corner, it is the perfect to to get your bike out of storage. However, you can’t just hope on your motorcycle at take it for a spin. After all, your bike has been sitting in storage for months. To make sure your bike is ready for the open roads, here are a few things that you should check and do.

Clean Your Bike

Even if you have a cover over your motorcycle, it is good to give your bike a nice clean once you get it out of storage. In addition to giving your bike a new shine, it will help you notice problems while you are inspecting your bike. A detailed cleaning will help you take a closer look at certain parts of your bike to see any faults or changes since it was stored.

Change Your Oil

If you did not change your oil before storage, you should consider changing it now. Oil degrades if it sits over a long period, so changing the oil and filters might be a good idea. Even if you are not going to change the oil immediately, it is a good idea to check to make sure that it has not turned into crud over the last couple of months.  We are are an authorized Amsoil dealer if you are ready to change it. After all, you don’t want to ruin your bike on its first run.

Check Motorcycle’s Tires

When it comes to safety and performance, nothing is more important than your tires. You should inspect your tires before attempting to ride your stored bike. When inspecting your tires, you should look for:

  • Cracks Between Thread Blocks
  • Cracks on Sidewall
  • Abnormal Swelling

You should also check the tire date codes to see how old the tires are. In the worst-case scenario, you might need to replace your tires before taking a ride.

Inspect Brakes and Cables

After inspecting your tires, you should take a good look at your brakes and cables. You should use a flashlight to inspect the disc brakes to ensure that an equal amount of brake pads remain. These pads ensure that your bike is capable of braking without damaging your tires. If you are already planning to replace your tires, then you should take advantage of inspecting the brakes. Also, you should check the cables to make sure they are all intact.

Without a doubt, you should always inspect and examine your bike once you take it out of storage. Especially if you are going to sell it. If you are tired of storing a motorcycle throughout the winter or just have one sitting in storage, then you should get a quote to sell your motorcycle to Cash 4 Motorcycle!