Seasonal Bikes and Powersports Vehicles

Seasonal Powersports Vehicles

In the Midwest, we experience all of the seasons. From the cold winters to the unbearably hot summers, we have it all. Unfortunately, many of the power sports vehicles in the industry cannot be used year-round. Motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, PWCs, and snowmobiles are all seasonal power sports that have their own best seasons of use. As such, each of these vehicles has a different sales period where the best deals can be made. The best time to sell is before or during the season when people can use the vehicle and have fun outdoors. Sell your seasonal vehicles to Cash 4 Motorcycles today! Request a free quote and we will offer you a great deal on your vehicle. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

The Best Time To Sell Your Seasonal Vehicles

When it comes to selling seasonal power sports vehicles, timing is everything. To get the best deal on your vehicle, you have to sell when the demand is high. Here are some of the best times of the year to sell these power sports vehicles.

Dirt Bikes

The best time to sell dirt bikes is during the spring or summer. At this time, people are starting to get outdoors after a long winter and are more likely to want to buy used bikes. This applies to regular motorcycles as well, people are more apt to buy them right before the season so they have more time to use the vehicle once they own it.

Personal Watercraft Vehicles (PWCs)

PWCs sell best in the early spring right before the season or during the early summer. Individuals are more likely to buy personal watercraft vehicles in the early spring so that they can get right on the water when the weather warms up enough. The demand continues through the summer before sharply decreasing as soon as the fall approaches. Moreover, PWCs are almost impossible to sell in the fall and winter as the weather is too cold to use the vehicles.

Seasonal Vehicles

ATVs and UTVsSeasonal Powersports in Winter

The best season to sell ATVs or UTVs is the early fall or springtime. Both of these times are within the prime ATV season which increases the demand for all-terrain vehicles, utility task vehicles, side-by-sides, and 4-wheelers alike. ATVs can be used in nearly every season, even winter as long as there isn’t too much snow or ice.


Snowmobiles sell incredibly well in late fall and early winter. By selling at this time, people have enough time to prepare their vehicles and enjoy the cold weather!

While we don’t buy all types of seasonal vehicles, you can contact us to see if we are buying!