Cool Places to Ride This Summer

Cool Places to Ride This Summer

Are you looking for some new places to ride your motorcycle this Summer?

The summer is the best time for motorcycle riders to explore. While taking a nice cruise through your local neighborhood is fine, trying out a new area can be exciting. To help our fellow riders, Cash 4 Motorcycle is going to recommend some cool places to ride in the Midwest this summer!

Tunnel of Trees Bike Ride

This trail is must drive for nature lovers. This 27-mile stretch hugs Lake Michigan, starting north of Harbor Spring. The entire trail is named after the thick tree canopies that create a unique tunnel effect. This tunnel provides plenty of shade and a sense of peace. Summer is the best time to explore the Tunnel of Trees, but Fall is also a beautiful time to see these trees.

Red Wing To La Crescent

If you are going to be in Minnesota during the summer, Cash 4 Motorcycles recommends taking a ride on this highway. This path lines the Mississippi River and its variety of landscapes. You will see an amazing blend of forests, farmlands, rivers, and lakes while driving. You can also stop by a few state parks that line this road. Furthermore, driving from Red Wing to La Crescent only takes an hour and a half. That still gives you plenty of time to do other activities later in the day!

Chicago to Starved Rock State Park

Are you in Illinois and have 2 hours to spare? Then you should take a trip from Chicago to Starved Rock State Park! This a motorcycle path that everyone should experience once. The 100-mile trek takes the rider southwest through Illinois’ beautiful river. Riders get to enjoy amazing sights including sandstone bluffs and canyons.

All of these routes can be great motorcycle rides, especially on touring and cruisers!