Appeal of the BMW Motorcycle

BMW motorcycles wanted

The BMW Motorcycle is a very popular brand in the industry. Lately, we have been getting a lot more questions about BMW motorcycles. The questions range from how popular (in demand) are BMW, the types of models that we buy, and many more. To help address these questions, here are some details like the history of the BMW motorcycle, types and resale value. This is why we say; “BMW Motorcycles Wanted!”

History of BMW Motorcycles

Without a doubt, BMW has a fascinating history. Originally, BMW was producing aircraft engines during World War I. However, the Treaty of Versailles demanded the company cease production of these engines. As a result, BMW started to focus on manufacturing small industrial engines for farming equipment and household items.

In 1920, BMW released its first flat-twin engine. While the engine was created for industrial machines, the engines became popular with motorcycle manufacturers. The popularity of the engine caused BMW to form the BMW Motorrad and start producing motorcycles of their own. Since then, BMW has created generations of motorcycles that appeal to many demographics.

Types of BMW Motorcycles

Since founding, the Motorrad branch, BMW has created a variety of motorcycles that appeal to a variety of riders. BMW has several different lines of bikes including:

  • Sport
  • M
  • Tour
  • Roadster
  • Heritage
  • Adventure
  • Urban Utility

Each of these categories has a variety of models that riders can choose from. If you are looking for the perfect ride for city living, riders will love the Urban Utility line. Interested in their touring bike? Check out the selection in the Tour collection. BMW has a variety of bikes to choose from to fit all your needs.

Resale Value of a BMW Motorcycle

For people who are selling their BMW bikes, they are most concerned about the resale value. According to Riders Share, BMW has an impressive depreciation value. These motorcycles are slower to lose value. In fact, BMW motorcycles maintain 60% to 70% of their value after 3 years. Outside of that, resale value is typically determined by a variety of factors such as mileage and condition. Looking for the best offer on your BMW motorcycle? Give us a call today!