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European motorcycle brands have been growing more popular in the international market, especially Triumph motorcycles. Although Triumph has not been on the market as long as companies like Suzuki and BMW, it gained prominence in a short amount of time. You might be wondering what is the history of Triumph and the type of motorcycles they produce. Cash 4 Motorcycle buys Triumph motorcycles so we are happy to tell you what makes them so special!

History of Triumph Motorcycles

The start of Triumph goes back to Coventry as a bicycle manufacturer in the late 1880s. The first motorized Triumph was produced in 1902 just a year before Harley Davidson joined the motorized vehicle boom.  In 1983 Triumph Motorcycles Ltd was established by John Bloor after the original company went into receivership. Shortly after obtaining the company, Bloor worked on relaunching the brand. Although the company had steep competition from Japanese brands (Honda/Kawasaki/etc). It didn’t take long for the company to take off with the diversity of bike models and appearance in the racing field. It is now the largest UK-based motorcycle manufacturer. Triumph’s presence grew in the United States after Triumph Motorcycles America Ltd was established in 1994.

Triumph Models

Racing Triumph Motorcycles

Due to entering a competitive, Triumph has developed a variety of bike models that can appeal to a variety of motorcycle riders. The company offers adventure, motocross, roadsters, sports, and other bikes to choose from. Their model line-up includes:

  • Tiger/New Tiger (Adventure)
  • Scrambler/Speed Twin/Bonneville (Modern Classic)
  • TF 250-X (Motocross)
  • Speed Triple/Trident (Roadsters)
  • Rocket 3 Storm (Rocket)
  • All-New Daytona (Sport)

Triumph also has a collection of Stealth and Special Edition bikes to round out their line-up. All of these bikes have advanced technologies in their designs such as six-speed transmissions and direct fuel injection systems. Add the sleek and stylish appearance of these motorcycles, Triumph has a lot to offer riders.

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Without a doubt, Triumph has made a name for itself in a short amount of time. Although Triumph is still niche in America, there are plenty of riders wanting to buy them. So, if you are looking to sell your Triumph, Cash 4 Motorcycle offers the safest way to sell your motorcycle online. Our simple and fast process will get cash in your hands in no time. Just fill out the no-obligation quote below to get started!